McLaren Services

Below is a list of all of the services we provide to our customers.  We specialize in McLaren maintenance, repairs, engine tuning, modifications, and much more!  Contact us or call to learn more.

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  • Mobile Services

    HVAC display replacement in 12C and 650s

    Clean mold and reseal 12C headlights

    Soft close latches

    Engine air filters

    Cabin air filters

    Coolant flush

    Oil change

    Windshield wiper replacement

    Keyfob battery replacement

    Fluid inspection and top-off

    General car health inspection

  • Mobile Services

    ECU recalibration (tune)

    Exhaust installation

    Suspension accumulators

    ALL software updates

    Reset service internals

    Brake fluid exchange

    Airbrake resync

    Seat memory and easy access functionality restore

    Headlight adjustment

    and more....

  • At our Facility

    Engine out repairs

    Custom lighting

    Built-in radar detection and laser jamming installation

    Scheduled maintenance intervals

    Turbo upgrades

    Carbon fiber parts upgrade

    Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics

    Engine and transmission seal replacements

    IRIS 1 to IRIS 2 hardware upgrade

    Full annual service

    Cooling upgrades

    Everything else you can think of